Love for food, bringing up emotions and creating experiences. This is where our story began in 1997: at cult restaurant Soup, which was a rebel of its time, serving new insights into Helsinki’s restaurant offering. Year after year, Soupster Family has grown, developed and strengthened. At the heart of our family are the values that have guided us from the very beginning: caring, continuous development and fun. Events have been our thing through our restaurants and catering for decades and now we’re going deeper with our own event production branch.

The Soupster Family includes a number of restaurants throughout the Helsinki metropolitan area, which are easily transformed into personalized party venues. Our idea-rich catering team has been serving delicious meals for small and large events for years. Continuous development and following international trends guarantee innovative solutions from seminars to team days and customer events.


The chef, the dishwasher, the producer, the waiter, the designer, the cook, the butler, the bartender… There are all kinds of masters and passionate professionals in our family. Our extensive and solid knowledge of food, drink and events is reflected in our way of doing things.

The saying goes that good workers are hard to find. But this is not the time to be hidden, so here we are (there are almost 300 people in our family, so here’s just a glimpse of our professional army):

Sales Team
Event Sales

Kitchen director

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Catering production director

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