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Soupster Events is an event production company that has been slowly creeping up on us through the years, inspired by our customers’ growing need for comprehensive services for a variety of corporate and private events. For over 20 years, Soupster Catering has been providing stunning catering for corporate events and important celebrations of life, also organizing decorations, performers, furniture and other jigsaw pieces of events. Now we are happy to design and assemble jigsaw puzzles of events under the name of Soupster Events!

We help you plan and execute events, to turn and position the pieces of the puzzle. We have numerous own restaurants and banquet venues throughout the Helsinki metropolitan area. In addition we can organize parties and events almost anywhere, whether it be a submarine, a sports field or a summer cottage.

There are many fearless young guns in our team as well as seasoned professionals who have seen everything. We have a touch of madness, a bunch of creativity and a fair dose of professionalism. We strongly believe in teamwork and that together we are more. As a result, we have built a strong network of partners around us, complementing the broad circle of our professionals, our family.

Soupster Family juhlat.

Do you need a few extra hours to your day? We can’t add hours to a day, but we can take care of the planning and execution of events for you so you can use your time for other things. We have extensive resources of our own, which makes the planning and execution of events very cost-effective. It is a great pleasure to be able to offer our customers more comprehensive services for Christmas parties, recreation days, seminars, customer events, weddings and other events.

Shoot us a message, pick up the phone, challenge us and let us brainstorm for you!

With love and passion for our work, the Soupster Events team